Save up to 82% over hiring, and get access to top expert.

Onboarding & Consultation Calls

Initial consultation and onboarding calls with our team to help understand your unique business requirements and begin the matching process with the perfect expert to train.

Unlimited Tasks & Daily Updates

Easily assign tasks to your experts and get async updates as they automate and complete your tasks. Our experts complete a one task at a time to ensure quality. Typical turn-around time per task is under 24 to 48 hours.

Switch Experts Anytime

Get matched with the right expert from our talent pool to help you automate your business. Request to switch experts and specialties at anytime to match your current needs under one subscription.

Free Apps Included

Our experts come pre-equipped with apps such as ai tools, project management, lead gen, community moderation and SEO research tools. If you need to buy additional tools or usage credits, we will recommend the best ones and with pre-negotiated discounts.

Support & Upkeep

Implemented solutions are documented with screenshots or video tutorials as they are built, so you and your team can quickly learn how to use them. If you have any questions in the future, your expert can help you with answers in your dedicated Q&A space or make updates.

Upgrade or Pause Anytime

With no long-term commitments on our monthly plans, you can add more experts, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time. Pay only for the months you used the service.

Get unlimited tasks for only $2500/mo billed annually or $2800/mo (pause or cancel anytime).
FreeHumans Experts

A Better Way to Get Work Done

If your business demands change, scale up or switch experts at any time to increase task output or complete projects. Our easy to use expert matching system will help you find the perfect person to help you automate your business faster.


Low Flat Monthly Fee
Pre-vetted Quality Experts
Unlimited Tasks (one at a time)
Easy Async Management
Switch or Add Experts Anytime
Many Tools Included


Expensive Overhead
Variable Quality
Limited by hours
Hard to Scale
Upcharge for Tools


Variable Pricing
Inconsistent Quality
Wasted time hiring
Requires Management
Specialized Expertise
Limited Tools

Frequently asked questions

What is FreeHumans?
FreeHumans is a team of pre-vetted experts in areas such as business workflow automation, content generation, lead generation, customer service, community management, user research and more. We match you with the best expert based on your needs. All of our experts have excellent written communication skills, and are trained in using AI tools to enhance their efficiency and output. With your FreeHumans subscription, you can switch experts at any time to meet your current needs.
What happens after I subscribe?
You get a welcome email with a link to schedule an onboarding call with us. We will discuss your needs and match you to the best expert. Once you are matched, both you and your expert will have access to a private project space to start on your tasks.
Why not hire full-time?
Why go through the hassle of hiring a full-time employees or contractors with knowledge only in one specialty, negotiating contracts, training, paying a higher rate, when you may not always have enough work to keep them busy? With FreeHumans you can cancel or pause your monthly plan at any time with one low fee. You can even switch or add experts with new specialties at any time to meet your current business needs.
How quickly can I start?
Typically you are matched with the best expert within 3-5 business days of subscribing. Once matched, you can start submitting tasks immediately. The expert will review your tasks and provide an estimated delivery time for each task. They may ask clarifying questions or ask for feedback as they automate your solution.
How do I communicate with my experts?
You can communicate with your expert through our built-in project management tool. You can create tasks, prioritize, provide feedback, and request revisions async. All communication and documentation is stored in your private project space for easy reference and transparency.
I run an agency, can I hire FreeHumans?
Absolutely! A lot of our clients are agencies that struggle to keep up with their client demands. Our experts can supplement your team to scale up your client output.
Is there any limit on tasks and requests?
No! You can request as many as you want in your task queue and your expert will deliver them one at a time. Using our built-in project management tool, you can communicate with your expert asynchronously and request revisions or provide feedback to get the job done just right.
How fast will I receive my tasks?
Depends on the complexity of the task and the number of revisions, but typically requests are completed for feedback typically under 24 to 48 hours.
I have an ongoing or repeating tasks such as community moderation. What should I do?
Just create a task for their expected duties and our experts will get to work. We will help break down larger or repeating projects into bite-sized tasks for faster execution and we can also mark tasks as re-occurring if they don't have a pre-defined end date.
What if I do not like the results I receive from the expert?
No problem! In the rare case that our pre-vetted experts can't help, we will work with you to find a new expert, or refund you for the time spent on the task under our happiness guarantee.
What apps do you use to automate?
We use a variety of AI tools and apps to automate your business practices. Depending on your requests, we can provide many tools for free with your subscription, saving hundreds of dollars per month. Any specific tools that the expert requires for your task which is not provided, such as email marketing credits or subscription apps, you can purchase directly and give your expert secure access to.
What if I need more than one expert or project?
You can add more expert to your subscription at any time to meet your current business needs to increase task output or work on multiple projects at once. We can help you match with the best expert for your new tasks.
Can I pause or cancel my subscription?
We do not have any long-term commitments on our monthly plans. You can add more experts, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time. You will only pay for the months you used the expert, and your project details will be retained if you decide to reactivate.
Who manages and trains my expert?
Prior to starting a project, we will meet with you to understand your goals and match you with the right expert. After that, you are responsible for documenting your project into tasks in the FreeHumans platform. Our experts will review and break them down into actionable tasks if required, or ask for clarification before starting. You can request revisions on the output to get the job done just right. We provide training and resources to our experts to help them understand your needs and use the latest AI tools to automate your tasks, but you are responsible for providing the expert with the necessary information and feedback to complete the task.
How do I give access to the experts to my systems?
Each expert has their own email address. You can provide them with secure access to your tools and accounts as needed. We recommend using a password manager such as 1password to securely share your credentials and revoke them after the project ends. Our experts can also sign NDA's to protect your IP if required.
Can I hire the experts full-time?
Yes! If you find an expert you love, you can hire them full-time through FreeHumans to be embedded with your team for a pre-negotiated rate if they agree. Clients are not allowed to hire freelancers directly outside of FreeHumans as this is a violation of our non-circumvention clause. Please contact us if you are interested in full-time hiring.
Do you have a referral program?
Yes! We have a referral program that rewards you for every business you refer. Learn more...