Save up to 82% over hiring, pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited business operation tasks completed by AI experts.

How it Works

Harness the power of tech with a human touch.

Get matched with a verified expert

Get matched with an expert who can help you automate your workflows and complete tedious everyday business tasks.

Pre-vetted Automation Experts

We only hire the best global talent with a proven track record in AI and automation tools, and a passion for helping businesses succeed.

Strong Communication Skills

All FreeHumans experts are vetted for their communication skills, ensuring they can effectively understand your needs, edit AI generated content, and communicate with your audience in your brand voice.

Switch or Add Experts Anytime

You can switch or add experts with different specialties such as marketing, design, or operations at any time to meet your current needs with our affordable unlimited subscription plans.

Assign tasks to your experts

Communicate with your experts and assign new tasks as they come up.

Fast Delivery

All FreeHumans plans include access to our easy to use project management tool to create, prioritize, and assign tasks to your expert. Your expert will process your tasks one at a time, with daily updates.

Private & Secure

We take security seriously. We have strict privacy policies in place to protect your data and internal processes. Our experts can sign NDAs to protect your IP prior to starting.

Happiness Guarantee

We guarantee all tasks will be completed to your satisfaction. If you are not happy with the results, we will work with you to make it right.

Reduce your hiring costs by up to 82% and increase your productivity

Free up resources and focus on scaling your business by outsourcing your business tasks with the help of tech + humans.

Digital Marketing & Sales

Marketing experts can help you generate and validate leads, automate your sales funnel, and create engaging content to drive traffic and increase brand awareness.
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Ops & Customer Success

Ops experts can streamline your ops workflows and automate your customer service tasks with AI-assisted 24/7 solutions.
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Product & Research

Product experts can help you conduct comprehensive market research, manage feedback, and design prototypes to validate your ideas and build your roadmap.
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FreeHumans Experts

A Better Way to Get Work Done

If your business demands change, scale up or switch experts at any time to increase task output or complete projects. Our easy to use expert matching system will help you find the perfect person to help you automate your business faster.


Low Flat Monthly Fee
Pre-vetted Quality Experts
Que Unlimited Tasks (or Q&A)
Easy Async Management
Switch or Add Experts Anytime
Many Tools Included


Expensive Overhead
Variable Quality
Limited by hours
Hard to Scale
Upcharge for Tools


Variable Pricing
Inconsistent Quality
Wasted time hiring
Requires Management
Specialized Expertise
Limited Tools

Get access to 100's of pre-vetted experts

Running a business is hard

We make it easier

Lower your costs and get access to dedicated team of experts to help automate your tasks starting at $500/mo.

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