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  • Signup for Free Anyone can become an referral partner of FreeHumans, all you need to do is share you unique referral link with your audience to start earning recurring commissions.
  • Recurring commissions We send you a 10% commission for every client who signs up and becomes FreeHumans paying client through your referral link — and you’ll get a 10% commission for 12 months.
  • Earn every month We don't have an automated referral system (with shared dashboard and automated payments) yet, but will share an export of new paid sign-up's and arrange the pay-out with you on a quarterly basis. Contact us for more info.
Referral Program Terms:
  • Referral partners are not allowed to run paid ads.
  • Clients need to create their FreeHumans account using your referral link.
  • Our referral program does not use a cookie expiration period.
  • The referral source of new sign-ups is based on the first interaction with FreeHumans.

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