Do your customers have a voice?

Rapidly recruit a community of engaged, niche humans ready to provide real feedback.
Here's how FreeHumans works...

Invite your members to have their say

Instantly spin up a customer feedback community with FreeHumans.

Leverage Community Knowledge

FreeHumans excels at creating communities of true fans who love to contribute and be part of the story, not mere consumers.

Engagement is built-in

Build engaging communities with crowd-sourced Q&A, voting, polls, reactions, comments, tags, social profiles, and more.

Make Informed Decisions

Make balanced decisions that consider the full impact on your members and reduce bias.

Go deeper than an survey

Get real insights from real humans.

Co-create With Your Community

FreeHumans helps you build an engaged community of super-fans around your brand by connecting, crowd-sourcing ideas, offering rewards, and fostering a truly devoted community.

Private Feedback Spaces

Easily manage your community through powerful moderation tools and roles. Build private, public, or application-based focus groups.

Custom Branding

Make FreeHumans feel like part of your brand with custom colors, domains, and logos.

Instantly distill user feedback with the help of AI

Sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and more.

AI-Powered Insights

Leverage artificial intelligence to analyze feedback, identifying key trends, sentiments, and actionable insights, enabling data-driven decisions.

Automated Summary & Reports

Automatically generate summaries and detailed reports of user feedback, saving time and highlighting critical feedback points.

Sentiment Analysis

Utilize AI to gauge the mood and sentiment behind user feedback, helping prioritize responses and understand customer satisfaction.


Brands Love FreeHumans

“FreeHumans been super easy to use and it’s brought our members closer — getting feedback and understanding their needs has never been smoother!”

Aarav Patel

“Having our user's voice on our product roadmap has been a game-changer. It’s making our product way more engaging.”

Claire Robinson

“This platform’s brought so many different people together and helped us create a really supportive and welcoming community vibe.”

Michael Lu

“FreeHumans has truly reduced our support calls and enhanced our customer experience. I highly recommended it.”

Sofia Walton

“Seeing the bump in how everyone's interacting and sharing their thoughts has been so cool. FreeHumans is totally changing how we loop user insights into our work.”

Avery Clarke

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